Coby UV V3 Sterilizer 3 In 1 Combo Food Processor & Warmer Coby UV Steriliser

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Coby UV Version 3 Sterilizer 3 In 1 Combo Food Processor And Warmer

Warranty 1 Year

Grandly recommend the 🥳Third Generation of Coby UV Sterilizer V3🥳
Eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria & germs🦠 | Bigger Capacity 17L | Dual Philips UV-C germicidal lamps | Fault indicator

🔰17L Bigger Capacuty
🔰Easy to replace dual Philips UV lamps
🔰Powerful UV wavelength (254MM)
🔰 Up to 99.9% UV Disinfection Efficiency
🔰Smart One-touch operation with 4mode (Automatic, Drying, UV, Storage)
🔰Fault indicator
🔰Low temperature PTC ceramic dryer
🔰Dual high-speed deodorizing and quick-dry fans
🔰Dual HEPA filter can effectively block harmful particles
🔰360°(six sides) stainless steel reflective panels
🔰Add a storage rack for small items by the door
🔰Smart cable organization
🔰Smooth and Flawless Design
🔰Small dynamic true color liquid crystal display(LCD)

Has 4 intelligent modes
👑Auto Mode – Default drying for 45 minutes; sterilization for 15 minutes (time can be adjusted for 40, 50, 60 minutes)
👑 Sterilize Mode – Default sterilization 15 minutes (time can be adjusted 10, 15, 20 minutes)
👑 Drying Mode – Default drying 60 minutes (time can be adjusted 40, 50, 60 minutes)
👑Storage Mode – Up to 8 hours (open in automatic mode for the first hour, and disinfection for 5 minutes every hour after 7 hours)

Multifuctional Baby Food Processor

STEAM | COOKING | STIRRING | WARM MILK in one kitchen appliance

🎀One control knob does the job🎀
⬆️High speed blending
Prepare baby food in a smooth texture
(Liquefying • Chopping • Pureeing)
⬇️Low speed blending
For bigger baby, food can be prepared in a rougher texture with small pieces.

💡Safe material
✔ FDA certified
✔ Four powerful suction
✔Secure Lock

💡Easy to clean up
✔ Blending bowl and stainless steel blades can be taken out for individual cleaning
✔7cm diameter wide water tank for easily cleaning

Multifunction Bottle Warmer ⭐Heat | Unfreeze | Juicer⭐

With keeping the milk and food nutritious, Heating up at a slow pace, it will be kept warm at the right temperature and be ready when you need😎

With our 3in1 Multifunction Bottle Warmer parents can quickly and easily prepare your baby’s supper within 5 minutes, and allowing you to return to your sweet sleep again🤤🤤
No more scald in the midnight🤞

⭕Lightweight and not obstructive design⭕Warm quickly and evenly (use to warm baby food too)⭕Gentle defrost setting ⭕Become a juicer

👍Easy operate with helpful warming guide
1️⃣. Keep constant temp around 33-35 degree
2️⃣. Keep constant temp around 38-40 degree
3️⃣. Fast warm milk to temp around 40°c in 70°c mode
4️⃣. Fast warm food to temp around 38°c in 85°c mode
5️⃣. Fast warm milk to temp around 38°c in 9o°c mode
❌BPA ❌Toxic Plastic ❌Phthalate ❌Bisphenol



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