Next2Me Forever Sleeping Cot (Free Gift-Advanced Sterilizer & Dryer)


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The new Next2Me FOREVER stands out as the clever 3-in-1 solution for better, more restful and calmer sleep for parents and babies.

It can be used from birth up to 4 years old / 22kg with 3 different configurations: co-sleeping cot, traditional cot and floor bed for toddler.
1. Co-sleeping cot: birth to 22kg
2. Traditional cot: birth to 22kg
3. Floor bed: 18 months of age to 22kg



  • One hand opening system: Much easier to open and close even when attached to the bed just pulling up and down the side panel.
  • Patented system: The exclusive patent allows to keep the barrier down only when the cot is attached to the bed, ensuring maximum safety for your little one.
  • Height adjustment: 11-positions adjustable height to fit with different beds.
  • Tiltable: It can be tilted with 4 positions of difference between one side and the other. This action helps your baby’s digestion, improve breathing and reduce reflux.
  • Air Flow: 3D mesh mattress cover and 4 mesh windows guarantee extra ventilation of the crib.
  • Extremely versatile: Adapting to all bed types, thanks to the foldable feet.


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